Battlefield: 2042 Launch

    3SFG Launches Battlefield:2042 Area of Operation



        • Benality.G
          Looking for a Battlefield 2042 MilSim and tired of lack luster choices? 3SFG MilSim Gaming welcomes you to experience the difference our community has made for MilSim since 2010.
          3SFG is proud to announce that we will be relaunching into the Battlefield scene with Battlefield: 2042!  Our unit originally started with Project Reality and has become one of the most Premier MilSim units over the years.  We are taking the successes that we have learned from playing other MIlitary strategy games such as Arma 3 and Squad and bringing those back to our Battlefield roots.  
          We are currently filling our Battlefield: 2042 roster with members who wish to join and experience MilSim immersion with a cohesive unit.  You will learn to play the game with Lethality and work with others to reach victory.  
          Battlefield 2042 is made for strategy and teamwork. 3SFG can help you connect with the players you need to reach your full potential.

        • Benality.G
          3SFG Gaming is proud to announce that we are currently partnered with the Special Forces Foundation.  We are committed to growing our community but also committed to supporting our military every way that we can.  I know the unit has a lot of veterans and we know that sometimes, things can be difficult.  With that, we are proud to announce that starting in April 2021, 10% of all Subscription based donations will be  donated to to the Special Forces Foundation. 

          The Foundation provides a range of programs aligned with the SOCOM Commander’s Preservation of The Force and Family (POTFF) program, designed to address the fraying of the forces after nearly two decades of sustained combat.  The programs contribute to the maintenance of the mind and body, and, provide acute and ongoing support in resolving, psychological, emotional and relationship issues before they become chronic.
          During times of tragedy, the Special Forces Foundation provides immediate support to the soldiers family with the goal of maintaining long term support to those left behind. The Special Forces Foundation also provides counseling and other services to those left behind and the Special Operations community.
          The Special Forces Foundation assists warriors transition from military to civilian life through career counseling, professional network support, and mentorship. Successful transition is key to the emotional, mental, and family stability necessary for a long healthy life post service.