MilSim Evolution

Here at 3SFG, we have been running a MilSim unit for over 12 years. Starting out with Project Reality and moving through the many MilSim games over time. Games such as Arma 3, Squad, Battlefield have been our home. One thing that always seems to creep up on us, is what we call “Burnout”. In a Milsim unit, there are two types of burnout. First, the natural burnout of playing any video game or hobby. You will spend countless hours doing things you enjoy, until one day, it’s less appealing. The second is the MilSim burnout. This is caused by having Training and Activity requirements and a sense that you don’t want to let down the people within your team or “unit” by not being there. This causes stress and eventually, it becomes less fun. 

MilSim units have always been the same in the history of online gaming. The reason for this is that there is a requirement to provide the most immersive “military unit” experience possible. That means, you have to create training doctrines, promotion process, awards process, activity requirements, recruiting process, and the list goes on. These requirements cause an operational strain on the unit. It forces people to have to focus on the MilSim aspect of the unit instead of the game in which they are playing. Recruiters, Trainers, and Leaders of the unit become increasingly burdened with ongoing operational requirements, that they eventually no longer wish to deliver on.

This burnout factor created a requirement for MilSim to Evolve!

This evolution led to the creation of not only a new organizational structure but also an evolution to how members of the unit are recognized for their efforts. At the end of the day, the goal in any online gaming community, milsim or not, is to have FUN. Traditional gaming communities do this by allowing gamers to play when they want and they are encouraged to do so through earning some type of “prestige”. In the real world, we call this nothing more than gamification. Gamification is an attempt to enhance the experience and activities within the community in order to motivate and engage users.

Members of 3SFG earn XP through various acts of activity. Posting messages in our Discord, or being in a voice channel playing games, any game at that earns them XP. We are a MilSim unit, and therefore we do have training and deployment events, and our members earn bonus XP for attending and participating in those events. Based on their XP the members can be promoted to the next rank IE: Private or Private First Class. They must have a combination of Community XP and Bonus XP in order to qualify for the promotion.

Gamification of ranks is only ONE way that we have blended the traditional gaming community, with that of a milsim unit. If you would like to experience this yourself, then join the unit and witness the evolution of milsim! Only at 3SFG