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The strategy for our Readiness program is to provide more accountable and active operations at the same time allow for more activity around general gaming. “Burn-Out” is a serious effect in the MilSim world and with Gaming. This readiness and sustainment model is designed to give members a very immersive experience and at the same time provide a way for members to unwind from the chaos of MilSim Operations.

Additionally, MilSim XP will be earned only during the Training and Readiness phases. Each Area of Operation may determine MilSim XP gain for each phase as needed.

Selection Candidates will only be able to participate in Selection Workshops during the Training and Readiness phases.

PHASES (28 Day Cycle)

RESET (1 Week 7 Full Days)

Immediately following 3SFG Deployment Operations, the unit will enter into a reset period. Members of 3SFG are encouraged to use this time to engage in other activities. There will be no MilSim XP generated during this time. Community XP will still be earned while in official Voice/Text Channels per the Rank and Promotion Policy.

Team Commanders are to highly encourage their team members to engage in other games and activities during this time. Of course, players will still want to play their Area of Operation game and you may do so to earn Community XP.

TRAINING PHASE (2 Weeks, 14 Full Days)

Teams will immediately begin their individual training phases once they are out of Reset. During the training phase, all MilSim XP will be earned while conducting training operations.

READINESS (1 Week, 7 Full Days, To Include Deployment)

During the Readiness phase, all teams will prepare for their respected Deployment Operation. The OPORD for this operation would have been issued at the beginning of the Training phases, giving commanders two weeks to plan their TCT’s to prepare their teams for the upcoming mission. MilSim XP is earned during Readiness


3SFG Members will deploy and conduct military operations and complete missions directed by 3SFG Command. deployment operations will earn MilSim XP based on their respected Area of Operation for each deployment.

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