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3SFG has a strict General Order #1 which states as follows:

REAL LIFE COMES FIRST – Many of our members are parents, have jobs, and in some cases serve in the military on active duty. Real-life will always take precedence over gaming or unit business. We will tolerate no disrespect towards a member that has to stop what they are doing to attend to real-world matters.

We value people’s time and commitment and understand that video games and gaming communities serve as a distraction from your daily stresses. There should never be a time where participating at 3SFG should cause stress or make you feel anything other than having fun.

We do ask that members make their best effort to let someone know that you will not be around if you are going to miss any MilSim event. This helps with planning the event and also maintains open lines of communication.

To go on LOA, simply notify your Chain of Command and use the reaction in the #แ—ฝarracks channel in Discord

While you are on LOA you will not generate any Community XP or MilSim XP. So if you wish to earn XP, simply use the reaction to remove yourself from LOA.

LOA Should not exceed any longer than 60 days. If you need more time, please talk with your Chain of Command.

Additionally, you must be on LOA for a minimum of 1 week (7 days), in order to not be considered “Inactive” as defined in the Activity Requirements.

Example: Member goes on LOA for 5 days. Fails to earn 50 MilSim XP within the training cycle. Member will receive an “Inactive” status for that cycle.

“LOA Hopping” – Although highly unlikely and difficult to do. Is the act of going on LOA to simply avoid AWOL or Activity Requirements. Will result in Dishonorable Discharge.

Activity Requirement

There are very basic activity requirements here at 3SFG. In order to be considered “Active”, you must have earned at least 50 MilSim XP points during a training cycle. If you do not earn 50 MilSim XP within a Training Cycle, you will be considered “Inactive” for that cycle. If you have 3 “Inactive” at any point within your 3SFG Career, you will receive an Inactive Discharge.


We understand that things come up and that you have to step away from your hobbies to take care of real obligations. Please just let us know and we can work to make your transition as smooth as possible while leaving your options to return open.

Failure to notify your Chain of Command of your departure while earning no MilSim XP in a training cycle will result in AWOL Discharge.


Officers in the unit, relinquish their commission in all Discharge scenarios. Any reinstatement will result in returning at the rank of SSG.

Entry Level SeparationIssued to members that have not made it past Selection.

  • Flagged for re-enlistment for 90 days
  • Must go through Selection process again.
  • All points are lost

Inactive DischargeIssued to members who have not met the minimum activity requirements set by 3SFG

  • Flagged for re-enlistment for 90 days
  • Can return at one rank level below acheived. Ex: A SGT can return at the rank of SPC
  • All points are lost
  • Service Record Reset

AWOL Discharge Issued to members who fall under the AWOL Policy

  • Permanent Ineligible for re-enlistment
    • Commander can waive the permanent flag for a 90 day flag on a case by case basis
    • Will lose two ranks, no lower than PVT on return. Ex: A SGT can return, if on waiver, at the rank of PFC
  • Probationary period of 90 days. Any inactive status or AWOL status will immediately result in AWOL Discharge
  • Service Record Reset

Honorable Discharge – Issued to members who have left the unit under good standing and conditions

  • Can return at any time after 60 days
  • If you are under the rank of SFC, your rank will be re-instated.
    • Any previous position will be lost
  • If at or over the rank of SFC, you will be re-instated at the rank of SSG
  • Officers, relinquish their commision upon Honorable Discharge
  • Any previous XP will be lost
  • Service Record Maintained

Dishonorable Discharge – reserved for members who have violated our General Orders or have violated any Community Guideline of the platforms/servers that we use.

  • Permanent flag from re-enlistment
  • All records deleted and removed
  • Banned from all community servers (Discord, TeamSpeak, Gameservers)

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