600-25 Customs and Courtesies

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3SFG is a MilSim gaming community. We are structured after a real-world military unit, the 3rd Special Forces Group. Being Milsim means that we enlist a military rank structure, with rank discipline and customs to adhere to.

While conducting official 3SFG Milsim functions within your Area of Operation, rank discipline will be followed and enforced.

When and how rendered

When addressing a senior member, they will be addressed in a “military manner”. When responding to an officer, the acceptable responses are as follows:

  • “Roger” – This is from old phonetic alphabet for the letter R. This translates into “Received”
  • “Trackin” – Usually in response to inform someone that you understand and are aware of a situation.
  • “WILCO” – Short for Will Comply – Meaning you have received the order and will follow through the instructions
  • By Rank – Addressing a senior member by their rank and name is usually the easiest. “Roger SGT Jones”.
  • Sir/Ma’am – This is only for officers of the unit. This response is more formal and one that should only be used if you feel comfortable. It is never enforced to use this response.

There are other responses that may qualify as a military manner response. Such as “Say Again”, which is used when their instructions are not clear or understood. Our members can use any military response they deem necessary as long as it is not in a condescending or disrespectful way.

“HOOAH” is another common US Army response, (or HOORAH) for the Marines. Although this is allowed and acceptable, it is usually advised to use this very seldom. This can also be considered condescending if used with the wrong tone. One can use HOOAH in a flippant manner, which is not acceptable.

Overall, doing your best to adhere to the milsim culture and responding to seniors in a military manner as best as you can or you’re comfortable with is what is important.

Responses such as, ‘Yeah’, ‘Sure”, “What’s up man’, ‘Aight” are not authorized while conducting Milsim operations.

Conduct while in other games

While playing other games within 3SFG, rank discipline is not required or enforced. Rank discipline is reserved for our Milsim areas of operation. However, 3SFG members are expected to uphold our unit Ethos while participating in other games within our community.

This means that while playing a game, you still want to play the game in a way that will foster an immersive gaming experience for others that are playing with you. If the group is attempting to raid a dungeon and you perform the classic Leroy Jenkins maneuver, you will be in violation of this policy. Our unit Ethos is not restricted to your Area of Operation. It applies to everything we do. Cohesion is one of our cornerstone values, and this needs to be observed regardless of what game you are playing.

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