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To earn MilSim XP you must participate in Area of Operation events. Below is a defined list of events (subject to change) and their corresponding points for the Area of Operation: Squad

EventMilsim XP
“Primetime” (Friday night Fights)15
Selection Workshops (Selection Candidates Only) | No XP for SEL-10025
All Training Workshops (3SFG Members Only)10
Instructor Per-Diem (For Instructors conducting Workshops)10
Deployment Operations50
Team Meetings / Team Trainings (Max 3 per cycle)10
Ad-Hoc Training5

Friday night Fights: In order to get credit for PT you must have played at least one full hour. PT is usually between 21:00-00:00 on Friday. If you join late, make sure that you use the reaction in the AAR that was submitted in order to get credit. Time will be validated by using Battlemetrics to confirm the 1-hour requirement.

Instructor Per-Diem: If an Instructor facilitates a workshop. They will earn the 10 points that all 3SFG Members earn for attending the workshop. They will in addition be awarded the instructor per-diem of 10 points. For a total of 20 pts. They must be facilitating the training, the primary instructor only.

Selection Candidates will earn MilSim XP for attending their Initial Workshop Training. In order for a Selection Candidate to be eligible for selection, they must earn 200 MilSim XP. If they attend all Initial Workshops and 3 Primetime events within a cycle, they will have earned 225 Milsim XP. Selection Candidate still needs 1900 community points to be eligible for PVT and to be picked up on a team.

Training Workshops: These workshops are officially conducted by 3SFG Training staff, which is overseen by the SGM of the unit. Training workshops must be approved by the SGM in order to be considered for MXP. AAR must be submitted by a training instructor.

Ad-Hoc Training: There are times when members will get together to work on various skills and topics. These are typically short 30-minute training that is designed to work on a fundamental task. The training can last longer, however additional MXP will not be earned. You are only eligible to receive MXP once per day for Ad-Hoc Training. Must have a SGT and above present as well as submit the AAR.

Qualification XP

Each soldier in 3SFG must maintain their weapon qualifications. They will be awarded MilSim XP for achieving certain levels of qualification

Qualification ScorePoints Awarded

MilSim Xp AAR

In order to get MilSim points. You must post an AAR within the #าoint-submission channel in Discord. No other channel AAR will be considered for MilSim XP. If you are not included within the original posting. You must use the +1 reaction to get credit.

This AAR should include the following:

  • Area of Operation
  • Date
  • Type of Event
  • Screenshot of Participants
    • If unable to get a screenshot, list of names typed out. One name per line


Squad: 10/07/2021 Friday night Fights

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