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At 3SFG, we promote a positive gaming environment for new players to learn and for experienced players alike. We promote teamwork and Tactical Play.

Admins WILL ask that any clan or group playing together split up to balance out the teams if the matches become unbalanced. If your team wants to “practice” on our servers, please let an Admin know ahead of time. If it does not create an unbalanced match or an environment that is hostile towards new players, the Admins may approve this, on a match by match basis. This is ultimately up to the admins at the time.

Friday Night Fights are designed for Experienced players that want to play a more tactical level of play. If you are new to Squad, you are welcome to participate. However, you will need to make sure that you can listen and learn from experienced Squad players

  • We only allow a tactical play style on our server. “Lone wolves, running/gunning etc” will not be allowed. Work with your team and SL.
  • Intentional Team Kill will not be tolerated. You will receive a warning, and then a ban. Apologize for ANY TK, in all chat.
  • Vehicle assets that require crewmen kits require a driver and a gunner.
  • Main Battle Tanks and Helicopters require a dedicated, labeled squad for each vehicle; first squad to do so will get one asset. All other vehicles are first-come-first-serve.
  • Helicopter squads are limited to three players max.
  • If you cannot fly, do not pilot.
  • If you are Squad Leading you must use a mic and be actively communicating/playing as a team.
  • Camping main IS authorized
    • Keep in mind, the admins may enforce a 300 meter standoff depending on the map/layer.
    • Camping main should be reserved as a tactical strategy only. If an admin sees the action as a way to grief/troll or just be an ass hat, they will take action.
  • Respect the instructions of the admins or you will be removed from the server
  • Do not use hacks, cheats, exploits, glitches, or any other abused game “feature” that gives a player an unfair advantage.
  • If you have to stream snipe, then you don’t need to be on the server. Permanent Ban
  • Racism, toxicity, false impersonations will not be tolerated (This includes gamer tags and names)
    • We do not have scripts that can catch all names. Our admins are not actively hunting for offensive names, if you are kicked it was because someone brought attention to it and found it offensive. You will be asked to change your name on first kick. Subsequent infractions will result in ban
  • Do not spam, troll, or grief players/your team. You will be asked to leave.. Then thrown out Come here to play tactical gameplay. Don’t advertise!

Seeding Rules

  • Server goes live at 20v20
  • Server may go live earlier or later, do not ask if the server is LIVE the admins will take care of it.
  • Each side is allowed one (1) HAB during seeding.
  • HAB’s will not be placed on the center cap point
  • Enemy teams will not hunt/destroy HAB’s during seeding
  • Emplacements are not authorized
  • Vehicles are allowed during seeding (unarmed and armed)
  • MUST fight over center point. This will be identified by admins and announced.
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