600-25 Customs and Courtesies

3SFG is a MilSim gaming community. We are structured after a real-world military unit, the 3rd Special Forces Group. Being Milsim means that we enlist a military rank structure, with rank discipline and customs to adhere to. While conducting official 3SFG Milsim functions within your Area of Operation, rank discipline will be followed and enforced. […]


Rank Promotion Point Policy

Additionally, from time to time the Community Chief of Staff may issue a “Bonus XP” time. This is usually during weekends or high activity time to Milsim Points (MXP) Milsim points are earned by participating within your designated Area of Operation. Participation includes but is not limited to: Trainings – (Unit Wide Trainings, Workshops) Monthly […]


Sustainment Plan

STRATEGY The strategy for our Readiness program is to provide more accountable and active operations at the same time allow for more activity around general gaming. “Burn-Out” is a serious effect in the MilSim world and with Gaming. This readiness and sustainment model is designed to give members a very immersive experience and at the […]


LOA / AWOL / Activity Requirement / Discharges

Leave 3SFG has a strict General Order #1 which states as follows: REAL LIFE COMES FIRST – Many of our members are parents, have jobs, and in some cases serve in the military on active duty. Real-life will always take precedence over gaming or unit business. We will tolerate no disrespect towards a member that […]