Battlefield: 2042 Launch

    3SFG Launches Battlefield:2042 Area of Operation



        • Milsim

          3SFG offers a rich and immersive MilSim gaming experience.  We approach every Area of Operation in a way that ensures our members are always experiencing the best MilSim experience.  Coordination, Training, Planning and comradery are not just "nice to haves",  they are the back-bone of who and what we are.  If you want to join one of The Premier MilSim communities on the planet, 3SFG is the place.  It will not be easy though, we are very selective in our members.  We would rather have 20 dedicated, committed friends than 100 nameless, faceless people that come and go!  We are here to stand the test of time.  No matter which Area of Operation we launch, Squad or Battlefield:2042 - our approach and Mission stay consistent!

        • Brotherhood


          You cannot contribute anything to the ideal condition of mind and heart known as Brotherhood, however much you preach, posture, or agree, unless you live it.

          Staying disciplined to supporting one another and looking out for a fellow 3SFG member. In-game, this means working as a team and making every effort to do what you can to support the combined arms operation effort. Out of game, this means offering a place where individuals can build lasting relationships.  3SFG has been around since 2009, and many of those members are still friends today.  We don't specialize in the "quick-fix" of community.  We specialize in the long-lasting and committed community that brings people together.  Don't join a community that only cares about numbers, join 3SFG to earn friends that will be there through the thick of it!

        • Gaming

          On top of being a MilSim Unit, we are also a gaming community. One of the best parts of the unit is establishing lasting relationships that foster gaming. Members and friends should always have a place to come and play any game they wish to participate in.  Whether you enjoy playing WoW, League of Legends, Farming Simulator, you name it - we have a place for you here!  Our members are gamers that enjoy the MilSim aspect of what we do.  But we still stay on top of all the new games and encourage members to participate in our General Multi-Gaming Community.

      • Affiliations

        • AWN is our Server hosting provider that brings high quality server support to our Squad Area of Operation and other General Gaming servers

        • We have been deployed to the Squad Area of Operation since 2017.  We have grown and matured over the years.

        • We will be deploying to Battlefield: 2042 in October when the game is released.  This is getting back to our roots since 2008 where we started in Project Reality